Why You Should Wear A Bralette To Your Next Concert

It's concert season, and we're thrilled that music festivals and concerts are in full swing! And let's not forget the incredible news - Coldplay is gracing Singapore with their presence for not just one, but a whopping six days! 
As you prepare for your next concert, there's a fashion choice that can truly take your experience to the next level: ditching your regular bra and opting for a stylish bralette instead.

As happy as we are to see our favourite artists up close in real life, we’re not too excited about the long waiting times in the heat and humidity. And wearing a regular bra may not do you any good with their pesky underwires and padding.
So here’s why you should don a bralette for your next concert:

Easy-breezy vibes 😌

Singapore's tropical climate can be unforgiving but a bralette is the perfect antidote to give you freedom and breathability.

They’re lightweight and many brands make them with a breathable fabric, like Ashley Summer. This allows for better air circulation and lets your two girls breathe. Stay cool amidst the crowd! 

Wire-free support 💪

You’ll want to let loose and immerse yourself in the music. With a bralette, you'll have the freedom to move without any restrictions while getting enough support!

Whether you're jumping, dancing or raising your hands in the air, a bralette will give you enough support and shape with their elastic underbands which are much more comfortable than underwires.
You can even opt for a push-up type for a fuller look!

Wear it as a top 👚

On these hot summer days, a bralette can serve as a stylish and refreshing alternative to a traditional top. Pair it with flared pants, high-waisted shorts or a flowy skirt for a trendy, festival-inspired look!
Ashley Summer bralettes are a fashion statement in themselves with their trendy designs and intricate lace patterns.

If you prefer to layer a bralette under an outfit, wear it under a strapless dress, a low-cut top or even a loose-fitting tank. You can still show off a little lace through them if you like!
The right underwear can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. Ashley Summer bralettes are designed to make you feel confident and empowered - no matter your cup size.

With their comfortable fit, flattering silhouettes and attention to detail, they give you a boost of self-assurance to ensure that you have a night to remember.

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With love & lace,
Ashley ❤️