Being a modern woman is so hard. We're constantly giving to everyone else - our family, home and career - yet, we neglect the most important person - ourselves.

"It's so easy to lose a part of ourselves in the daily grind. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Which is why self-care is important.

Self-care is giving to yourself to maintain your well-being physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes it’s about treating ourselves. If you don’t treat yourself, who will? 

Buy quality. Buy pretty.
Buy whatever the f*** that makes you happy. 

Give yourself a little, so you can give others a lot."



We believe in bettering the lives of women - through thoughtful design, quality products, and supporting causes to empower women.

"We are grateful for the women who came before us and paved the way to make our journey easier. We believe choice=change, and that you and I have the opportunity to do something bigger than ourselves, together. We hope to pay it forward to the women of tomorrow. 

In celebration of Pink October/ Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this October 2020, Ashley Summer Co is supporting Breast Cancer Foundation. 10% of profits from the sale of bralettes will be donated towards raising breast cancer awareness, promoting early detection and providing support to people affected by the disease.

Shop for change. Join the movement."



Putting on lingerie is perhaps the most intimate and luxurious act of self care - a certain je ne sais quoi*.

*something (such as an appealing quality) that cannot be adequately described or expressed

"The daily ritual of dressing up is a way to appreciate the beauty in the everyday; a ode to the female form - the body with all its curves and lines - and to embrace the strength in femininity. A celebration of her quiet resilience, grace (with grit) and empathy.


Picking out the right lingerie is deeply invigorating and uplifting - an addictive self-expression almost. Exploring the moments in between, I find comfort in a quiet time to stop and think about what’s been on my mind, reconnect with my inner self and choose to live life with greater intention and love.

There's just something so precious about pieces worn close to our skin (and hearts). It's the first thing you put on in the morning, and the last thing you take off at night. It should make you look and feel good. We hope you seek inspiration and freedom wearing our handmade pieces mindfully crafted by our artisans using premium handpicked lace fabrics with the modern woman in mind."