15 Different Types of Bras

There are different types of underwear for women, and so are bras. Since their inception, bras have undergone evolution and transformation. Nowadays, there are different types of bras designed to suit all types of breast sizes and shapes. 

Now, if you've ever had lingerie professionally fitted, then you know the right fit makes all the difference. But, the correct fitting is not the only determining factor when picking a bra. The style and cut also matter. Varying your bra types means you'll have something different to wear for every occasion.

Keep reading and learn about the most popular bra styles or types that can revamp your wardrobe.


You're not the first to wonder what's the different between bralettes and bras.
Typically, bralettes are created without molded cups and wires. This makes them bad candidates for bust support. They have lacy cups and straps and may extend down your torso near the abdomen. Bralettes can be worn as sexy lingerie wear or as a show-off beneath a tank top. Some bralette varieties have an underwire to provide additional support for women with fuller breasts. This is the perfect bra style to wear during a romantic dinner night or just a chill-out evening with friends.

Push-Up Bra

No other type beats a push-up bra when it comes to cleavage and lifting. It's the type you pick when you want to fetch some attention with your chest. For the ladies with smaller boobs, push-up adds some volume. It is also the perfect choice for asymmetrical breasts. Women who have undergone lumpectomy appreciate push-up bras, especially those with removable padding.

Strapless Bra

You'll realize the power of a strapless bra during hot sunny days when the sun is just absolutely scorching. This bra allows you to wear your off-shoulder and strapless dresses while still holding the girls in place. They are cleverly designed not to fall off. They have a strongly wired under-band to give your boobs what they would get from the straps.

Half-Cup Bra

It is commonly called the demi-cup bra. As the name suggests, this bra covers half of the breast cup, leaving the top half exposed. They push your breasts from the bottom towards the center of the cleavage. It's a perfect choice for women with less tissue at the top of the breast. A demi-cup bra offers you an uplifted and upfront shape without creating cleavage.

Non-Wire Bra

They are also called wireless bras. They give you some relief from wired bras that can be notorious for digging the skin and poking the breast when the size is wrong. However, they tend not to offer much support like the wired bras. Wireless bra is an excellent choice for indoor lounging when no one really cares about your chest area. They give you a natural, motherly look making them ideal for weekend outings with your kids.

Sports Bra / Activewear

If you really want to get the most out of your workout, invest in a sports bra. They are created specifically for sports. And their work is to protect your boobs from injuries caused by jumping and leaping during exercise. They hold the breasts close to the chest to reduce movement or jiggling. They are designed for high, medium, or low impact to take care of intense workouts and passive exercises like yoga.

Maternity Bra and Nursing Bra

Your breasts change significantly during pregnancy and nursing. They become overly tender, large, and voluptuous – that's good for your baby. For that reason, maternity and nursing bras are made with soft material to give you and your baby some extra comfort. Some brands combine both maternity and nursing features. It means you can use the same set of bras during your pregnancy and lactation. That is a great cost-saving idea.

Full Cup Bra

It is the kind of bra that will not miss in any closet, making it one of the most common underwear for women. It is regarded as the superwoman of the lingerie world. Full cup bra is loved for its superior coverage of the whole breast. Unlike the half-cup style, the full cup bra offers you security in addition to great support. It is the most suitable choice if you are endowed with breast tissue. It holds your girls in without the fear of bulging out.

Plunge Bra

With so many types of underwear for women today, you cannot miss finding a bra to match any kind of dress. Even the very deep low-cut dresses have been catered for by plunge bras. They have a U-shaped dip at the center supported by wires and padding to lift the boobs and provide a gorgeous cleavage.


A balconette bra looks more or less like a demi-cup. It offers the half-cup feature but has additional shelf action. These bras enhance the bust, giving you extra confidence. The band at the bottom of the bra pushes the boobs up. Unlike most other varieties, the balconette's straps join at the sides rather than at the center. They are best suited for women with rounded, full, or medium-sized breast cups.

T-Shirt Bra

If you are the kind of woman who hates to see the unsightly seams or fabric of your bra on top of your clothes, then T-shirt is for you. Their cups may cut like a full or demi-cup, but their seams and fabric are nearly invisible. The cups are molded to give a smooth feeling under clothes. They come in padded or non-padded varieties with an underwire for extra support. If you have a large bust, a T-shirt bra can offer a minimized look.

Adhesive Bra

Perhaps you have a few revealing dresses in your wardrobe that won't go with any of your bras. This is where an adhesive bra, also called a stick-on bra, comes in. As the name suggests, these bras are literally stuck on the body – your boobs, for that matter. Maybe you are wondering how that is possible. Well, they use medical-grade adhesive to stick onto the body. These stick-on bras are made of silicone. Although they are strapless and backless, they will offer adequate support.

Mastectomy Bra

These are bras for women who have undergone a mastectomy. They may be considered as breast prostheses. The cups of a mastectomy bra contain pockets where the prosthesis is placed. Padded and non-padded varieties are available, but they lack an underwire. Some of them have a wide under band to provide stability and support for the prosthesis. The band also helps to cover scar tissue. Unlike regular bras, mastectomy bras have padded and broader straps to ensure extra comfort.

Bandeau Bra

Bandeau bras are just simple pieces of clothing to cover your breasts and are worn over the head. They have no straps or hooks at the back or front. This is the reason why they are so comfortable. Your shoulders and back do not have to carry the burden of supporting your boobs. On the flip side, they offer very minimal support. For this reason, they are only ideal for women with small breasts.

Minimizing Bra

If you feel that your bust is over-size, then a minimizing bra might be a great option to consider. Make sure you're measuring your bra size correctly. This bra style reduces the appearance of large boobs by redistributing breast tissue across your chest. Instead of pushing your breasts to the front, minimizing bra pushes them further away. They contain additional features such as wider wings to make the breasts appear smaller.

Bra styles are endless. This means you'll never lack a bra to wear with your fashion dresses and other attires. Some bra types are a must-have, like sports bras, while other varieties are just for fun. Quench your fantasies with different types of bras and underwear for women.