Bra Vs Bralette - What Is The Difference?

The Difference Between Bras and Bralettes

You would have probably heard of the term "bralette" (from your girlfriend or colleague) at least once. This category of lingerie has gained popularity in recent years among the comfort conscious, especially so with the perpetual work from home. But the truth is, what is the difference between a bra vs bralette? Let's explore the difference of the two options in your lingerie wardrobe. The type of bra vs bralette would depend on personal preference.


What Is A Bralette? Bralette vs Bra

Unlike the traditional bra (cue: image of Victoria's Secret push-up bra), a bralette differs in terms of the structure and support. A bra typically has underwire, extra padding/ thicker padding, structured fitting, and A-C cup range (or even D-E cup sizes). Traditionally, underwire bras are more popular among adult women with larger breasts as they provide more coverage. A bralette is a non-wired bra made with soft fabrics, has no or minimal padding, keeps the natural shape of the boobs and provides ultimate comfort. The bralette size follows the band size (eg. S/ M/ L = 32/ 34 /36). Bralettes are akin to sports bras or bras without underwire and provide a bit of coverage. Like underwire bras, bralettes also have adjustable straps. 

How To Wear a Bralette

If you scroll through Instagram, you would probably see many bloggers wearing bralettes under blazers or with a pair of jeans as part of the latest fashion trends. For day wear, bralettes can be paired effortlessly with crop tops for the comfort factor (think: Urban Outfitters!). There is no perfect answer on how to wear bralettes - you can even pair it with a sporty jumpsuit or chunky cardigan to make a fashion statement! For night wear (and channelling your inner Victoria's Secret Angel), you can wear a black lace bralette under a silk robe to add some romance to the bedroom.

Types of Bralettes

There is a pre-conceived notion that bralettes are only for small-breasted women. This is unlike the case as there are a wide range of bralettes and variety of styles that offer women a choice in terms of coverage. The style of bralette that is most popular and forgiving is the triangle cup that is usually worn under a light layer or mini crop for the humid weather in Singapore.

It's important to choose the right bralette style that fits you. Women with heavier breasts may opt for bralettes with an adjustable band through a hook and eye closure, while small-breasted women may consider front closure bralettes.

As most Asians have less well-endowed breasts compared to our Western counterparts, our bralettes are handmade with some level of padding to offer support and coverage.

Bralettes can have both thin bra strap for that minimalist look or thick bra strap similar to those sports bras. They come in both neutral colors and fun colors.

How to Measure Your Bralette Size

If you're wondering how to measure your bra size accurately, here's an article for you.

Still unsure of your bra sizing? Email us your: breast size (A/B/C/D), band size (32/34/36) and bra styles that you are interested in, and we will advise you on the bra fitting. Note: Due to the variety of shapes of the bras, difference in cutting, and unique breast shape, if you are unsure of your bralette size, do feel free to reach out and we'd be happy to assist you.

They key to picking the right type of bra/ lingerie depends on your personal preference and the way it feels on you. Don't think of it as an age-old problem of bra vs bralette and that you got to pick either - you can have a variety of styles in your wardrobe that serves every need and function!